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Knowledge is power, and making the right decisions regarding network security has become a critical part of the business process. Data and network breaches cost organizations billions of dollars a year and can severely damage their business reputation.

IT security professionals are constantly challenged as malware and malicious threats become more complex and harder to identify. The businesses of today rely on digital information from internal and external networks, creating huge risks of malicious threats and data exfiltration. Which sources are trustworthy and which are not is a key challenge in protecting these complex networks. The need for threat intelligence has become part of the business cycle to understand the types of threats, historical data, where they are originating and other valuable information so users can take the proper action to reduce risk.

With years of global threat data collection and analysis, Emerging Threats is providing access to this extensive threat intelligence database through IQRisk Query. IQRisk Query enables organizations to gain valuable threat intelligence data and insight to support a wide range of application use that includes threat identification and prevention, incident response, threat research and situational awareness. IQRisk Query provides access to the most accurate and up to date threat intelligence to help identify the source and type of malicious activity operating within your network.

Reliable and accurate threat intelligence data found in IQRisk Query allows users to analyze actionable intelligence to greatly reduce risk by enabling IDS/IPS/firewalls/UTMs to effectively identify and block malicious threats to protect and safeguard networks. IQRisk Query is the ideal companion to other Emerging Threats products (ETPro Ruleset and IQRisk Rep List) delivering access to a comprehensive, verified and validated threat database with years of historical threat intelligence data. IQRisk Query provides vital, in depth contextual understanding about the threats identified through the use of the ETPro Ruleset and IQRisk Rep List.

With IQRisk Query, users can obtain a plethora of data and information that allows users to query, trust and verify, or block list potentially malicious IPs and domains to reduce and eliminate the risk of data exfiltration. IQRisk Query can save time, money, and valuable resources by providing detailed information quickly and easily.

IQRisk Query takes threat intelligence to the next level with an intuitive, comprehensive GUI via an easy to use Web portal. The IQRisk Query GUI includes up to three years of historical data of IP and domain behavior based on over 30 categories of reputation and invaluable data that enables users to determine the acceptable level of risk to make informative decisions.

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