IQRisk Rep List

IQRisk™ Rep List – Actionable Threat Intelligence

Internet, extranets, supply chains, portals, e-commerce, and other essential business communications rely on data to and from trusted sources. Malware and other malicious threats have reached epidemic proportions, and safeguarding networks has become a daunting task for IT security professionals.

Emerging Threats has spent years collecting and analyzing threat data to provide the most comprehensive and accurate IP reputation list available today – IQRisk Rep List. With IQRisk Rep List, users can decide with confidence which IP addresses are safe to allow access into their networks. IQRisk Rep List is the ideal IP reputation list that is easily ingested into most firewalls and UTMs to effectively identify and block malicious threats from entering the network.

Based on our Threat Analysis Process, Emerging Threats analyzes hundreds of thousands pieces of malware daily. Our worldwide research team delivers the most up-to-date global threat intelligence with hourly updates that include the most recent IP addresses that are posing malicious threats to your network. We test new data against historical information, map IP addresses and domains to types of malware and IDS rules triggered, look at trends as they develop over time, and create a comprehensive picture of each item in our dataset. Then each threat is scored and categorized by type of activity and ranked by order of concern. This enables us to build an extensive library of historical IP addresses that is comprised of years of historical data with over 40 categories of reputation and scores based on behavior so users can take proactive measures to block list these malicious IP addresses and make informative decisions.

Unlike other vendors who cannot verify the source or date they receive, all the threat intelligence data in our products and solutions are gathered through global resources that are exclusively owned and managed by Emerging Threats. This enables us to proactively deliver accurate and trusted data to our customers. IQRisk Rep List is the ideal companion to other Emerging Threats products (ETPro Ruleset and IQRisk Query) delivering access to a comprehensive, verified and validated threat database with years of historical threat intelligence data.

IQRisk Rep List Features and Benefits Include:

• Complex, state-of-the-art algorithm to reduce the number of false positives
• Extensive malware research to enhance existing sensors
• Accurate and detailed information on millions of IP addresses and domains that have been identified as the source of spam, viruses and other malicious activity based on years of research and observation
• Over 40 categories of reputation
• Observation-based
• Text file-based list
• Hourly updates, unlike other vendors

IQRisk Rep List is more than just information – it gives you a plan!

Our team works with potential customers to deliver customized access to the IQRisk Suite to match your needs and budget.  Contact us for more information.