IQRisk® Suite – Beyond Reputation…to Threat Intelligence

The Emerging Threats IQRisk Suite takes traditional IP reputation models to the next level with a comprehensive approach to threat intelligence. Our IQRisk Suite is a convenient, full featured bundled set of all of our threat intelligence products – ETPro Ruleset, IQRisk Rep List and IQRisk Query. IQRisk Suite is supported by an extensive dataset of malicious IP addresses and domains, which our team of specialists analyzes against historical data, and then ranks and prioritizes. Emerging Threats IQRisk Suite products provide real threat intelligence —information you can act on to protect your organization.

IQ Risk Suite Diagram

  • ETPro Ruleset. The ETPro Ruleset delivers the most accurate and complete coverage for malware command and control (CnC) communications. Unlike other vendors, the ETPro Ruleset is updated daily to maximize the effectiveness of an organizations’ IDS/IPS deployment, protecting the network against current malware campaigns that may last only hours and render weekly updates useless. Using methods that are both manual and automated, our global team of security professionals analyze hundreds of thousands of malicious samples each day to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date rulesets.
  • IQRisk Rep List. Unlike other Reputation products on the market, the Emerging Threats IQRisk Suite is not just a list—it is categorized and scored threat intelligence with history and supporting observed activity and research. While we do produce the most comprehensive and thoroughly updated body of data available, we also subject our IQRisk Suite to advanced testing and rigorous false positive testing designed to give you confidence to act upon each flagged IP address and domain.
  • IQRisk Query. Knowledge is power, and IQRisk Query enables users to gain valuable information of reputation history, Web history, geo location, whois and other details of malicious and potentially malicious IP addresses and domains. Based on years of research and analysis, IQRisk Query helps to mitigate risks by delivering comprehensive information with a greater degree of certainty. Combining IQRisk Rep List with IQRisk Query, users are empowered to create solid security policies to safeguard their networks from malicious threats by utilizing a trusted reputation list along with threat intelligence to trust and verify.

Emerging Threats IQRisk Suite is more than a list—it’s Threat Intelligence.

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