ETPro Ruleset

Enhance your Intrusion Detection System with ETPro™ Ruleset

The Emerging Threats ETPro Ruleset makes your current IDS effective in the fight against malware. While in the past minor threats could be safely left to anti-virus software, today’s cyber criminals use increasingly sophisticated malware to steal from you and your clients without your knowledge.

In the face of advanced persistent threats like these, Emerging Threats developed comprehensive IDS/IPS rules to combat malware. The ETPro Ruleset Research Team pushes ruleset updates daily, not weekly or less like most vendors. If a research team isn’t finding new threats each and every day they’re just not looking. Daily Updates with ETPro Ruleset averaging 20 to 30 new malware and vulnerability rules each day gives you more than twenty times the rules each week than any other vendor. That’s how you get the best coverage for your network.

Emerging Threats ETPro Ruleset offers:

  • Platform-agnostic IDS/IPS rules that work with your existing Intrusion Detection or Intrusion Prevention System.  Whether you’re running SNORT®, Suricata, or a variety of other platforms, Emerging Threats ETPro Ruleset IDS/IPS signatures provide full coverage of traditional vulnerabilities and adds malware prevention you can trust.
  • Comprehensive malware detection and prevention through our unsurpassed malware collection research, thorough testing, and rigorous analysis.
  • IDS/IPS rules built and tested by experts to ensure that our IDS/IPS signatures protect against the entire known universe of malware and run seamlessly on SNORT®, Suricata, and many other platforms.

Learn more about how Emerging Threats ETPro Ruleset can offer you the best possible malware protection.