Proofpoint ET Pro Ruleset – The Expert Solution

Malware threats have dramatically increased in frequency and complexity. High profile breaches and complex malware have continued to become more devastating for organizations, creating billions in lost revenue and reputation. In the face of advanced persistent threats like these, Emerging Threats developed comprehensive IDS/IPS rules to combat malware.

Unlike other malware products, the Proofpoint ET Pro ruleset not only incorporates detection and prevention of malware such as botnets and phishing attacks, but also includes solutions for traditional vulnerabilities.Proofpoint ET Pro ruleset is truly a full-featured ruleset that ensures networks are protected from malicious threats.

The Proofpoint ET Pro ruleset is the de facto standard for SNORT® and Suricata IDS engines (others as required). Based on years of gathering verified threat intelligence, the ET Pro ruleset is highly effective in the fight against malware.

The Proofpoint ET Labs team pushes ruleset updates daily , not weekly or less like most vendors. Our research team averages 20 to 30 new malware and vulnerability rules each day, and gives you more than twenty times the rules each week than any other vendor.


ET Labs Threat Intelligence Methodology

The Proofpoint ET Pro ruleset offers:

  • Easy Integration – supports the latest versions of SNORT® and Suricata IDS/IPS engines.
  • Next Generation Malware Protection –enables high-performance capabilities of the Suricata engine.
  • Greater CnC Coverage –provides the highest level of major malware family command and control coverage.
  • Daily Updates –to ensure the most up-to-date malware protection for your network.
  • Time-tested –based on over a decade of malware research and expert ruleset writing.
  • The Most Extensive Ruleset Database –contains an average of 26,000 malware rules.

The Proofpoint ET Pro ruleset offers the following benefits for OEMs and End-users:

  • An Industry-leading Product for OEMs and End-users that saves time and valuable resources with IDS rules that are compiled from our exclusive and comprehensive library of malware. Our team of experienced threat intelligence experts tests and analyzes hundreds of thousands of new pieces of malware data every day.
  • A Cost-effective Solution that frees up development budgets and valuable resources for other projects. Rather than spending valuable resource hours figuring out IDS rules and building an in-house system for testing, your investment in Proofpoint ET Pro ruleset creates an attractive ROI that lets you focus on your core competencies.
  • Comprehensive Malware Protection through our detailed threat analysis process, which collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of pieces of malware per day to refine our IDS rules, makes the Proofpoint ET Pro ruleset unquestionably the most comprehensive malware solution available. Our full-time team of experts analyzes and tests new malware and writes or refines IDS rules for theProofpoint ET Pro ruleset with daily updates to users.
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Protection that adds a complete layer of protection at the network level with low false positives.

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